Some updates...

It's really been a while since I've updated this blog. I might as well do so now and get you all caught up on the madcap movie lifestyle.

Item! Inventing: Music had it's world premiere at the 8th Annual ASU Art Museum Short Film and Video Festival this past Saturday (April 24). Apparently over 1,200 folks were in attendance at the screening, but I was not. In attendance, that is. I have no idea how well Music was received, but I hope people laughed at the funny bits. ASU was the first festival that any GTF project was accepted to, and they apparently selected 18 shorts out of over 300 submissions. Pretty cool.

Item! Dallas and I will both be in Rochester May 6-8 for the Rochester International Film Festival , where Music is screening on May 8th. I'm really excited to actually see the movie on the "big screen" with an audience. But also kind of nervous. But hey, we get a trophy!

Item! Inventing: Stephen, the third film from GTF, and the directorial debut of Dallas Trinkle, has finally been completed. Thanks to wonderful music by composer Brian Crane, awesome cinematography by Dave Rentauskas, and a stellar performance by the cast, the movie is something I'm really proud of.

Item! Inventing: Films DVD is now available. This DVD contains both Music and Stephen. It's nifty.

Item! Inventing: Music has been listed in the Internet Movie Database. You can check it out here. Of course, not all the names are listed yet, including mine. Grrr.

Item! The website for Dancing With Gaia is brand new and squeaky clean. Plus you can buy a copy of the movie on DVD or VHS there as well. Super mergatroid!

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